College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) at Kennesaw State University (KSU). As Dean of the College, I want to extend that welcome on behalf of all of our faculty and staff, as well as our current students and our alumni, and encourage you to explore what you will find in the many different areas of our CHSS website. As we prepare to enter our second full year of consolidation as the “new” KSU, many great things are happening on both of our campuses that involve our College and the many opportunities we offer our students.   These are exciting (and challenging) times for all of us—faculty, staff, and students alike. And many people have contributed to making this excitement happen. This is truly an exceptional place built on a foundation of exceptional people!

And if you are “visiting” us for the first time and just learning about CHSS, you will find that our college is also home to some very special people—of course our faculty, staff, and students, but also our alumni, our supporters, and friends —who together create an environment in which teaching, learning, scholarship, and creative activity thrive. You will discover many opportunities to explore topics and issues in disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and multi-disciplinary ways, both inside and outside the formal classroom, here on campus and, indeed, around the world. Moreover, we offer classes in face-to-face, hybrid, and online formats to help our students manage schedules and meet their learning needs. Kennesaw State’s location in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area adds yet another important component to our multi-dimensional learning opportunities, and students benefit from the many cultural, recreational, corporate, organizational, and athletic resources within easy reach of the campus. Students in CHSS will find that many of our programs provide internship opportunities which extend learning through applying knowledge and skills in exciting work environments. And they also open doors to initial post-graduate employment in areas related to their chosen fields of study. Whatever your interests, we are confident you will find innovative and even unique ways to pursue them here. 

Space does not allow us to highlight here all of the many opportunities and amazing accomplishments of our faculty, students, and staff but if you browse our website and especially the pages of our programs, I am confident you will be impressed. Just start with our CHSS homepage at and explore from there, including our departments and degree programs with links you can click on and find out much more about what we have to offer.

Of course, parents and students frequently ask, "What job opportunities await those with a degree in the humanities or social sciences?" The answer is found in facts. One of those facts is that many CEOs of the nation’s Fortune 500 companies have undergraduate degrees in the liberal arts. The same is true of leaders in education, health, government, law, and the non-profit sector.  Businesses and organizations are often able to train and develop employees who lack specific task skills for their work responsibilities.  But they cannot make up for a weak foundation in the liberal arts, a lack of experience with diverse cultures, and an inadequate grasp of the global context in which virtually all human activity occurs today. Prospective employers still tell us they are looking for recent graduates who write well, think critically, make effective presentations, work successfully in teams, and skillfully analyze complex problems in a global context. Our students find all of that and more in CHSS. And it is showing up in our increasing number of well-placed interns and post-graduate employment and graduate and professional school acceptances.

So I encourage you to explore our website, engage with us, find out more about what we have to offer, and realize how much you have to offer us through your participation in a program of study in CHSS.

Welcome to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The more I have learned—and continue to learn—about our college and KSU, the more excited I become. So come learn with us and be a part of that excitement!

Robin Dorff